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We are perfectly capable of translating anything, from a clinical psychiatry textbook to a fighter jet instruction handbook

We translate books, articles, websites, agreements, subtitles for movies and videos. We are best versed in the software and video game localization for PC, consoles and mobile devices. If you need an industrial drill manual, a children's book or a contract to be rendered into a foreign language, we'll take up the challenge.

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Feel free to call or email us if the desired language is not in the list.

We are happy to offer conference interpreting, consecutive interpreting at negotiations. We translate subtitles and dub videos. We localize software and video games. We provide tour guides across Moscow and the Moscow Oblast.

Mary Lynch Barbera

Mary Lynch Barbera

John O Cooper

John O Cooper

B. F. Skinner

B. F. Skinner

We'll translate books

Fiction and non-fiction

The books that we translate are used in universities both as teaching aids and for professional reading. In particular, there were no books to be found in Russian on verbal behavior and teaching children with autism. We were among the first to carry out their translation. We will definitely manage complex technical, special, and highly professional glossaries.

A glossary example compiled by Innova for the translation of Dragon's Prophet, a Taiwanese game.
A glossary example compiled by Innova for the translation of Dragon's Prophet, a Taiwanese game.

Keeping a consistent and uniform style

To save our clients' time and keep them from revising their documents once the translation is over, we leverage glossaries and CAT software (most notably, Trados Studio, Memsource Editor, MemoQ) in our workflow. That decreases the likelihood of errors and typos, along with inconsistencies in the interpretation of terms and set expressions that do not translate verbatim. On the whole, we practice highly consistent, uniform and error-free approach.

Editing the translation with You Zhou, a native of China, on Facebook
Editing the translation with You Zhou, a native of China, on Facebook

Editing with a native speaker

Books demand stylistic editing. A fiction writer describes emotions, objects, feelings and thoughts of their characters interpolated with metaphors, allegories, and allusions. It is much easier to make a mistake in such a text than in a piece of technical writing. We employ native speakers to check the text and make amends if need be. We invite native speakers when translating agreements, pieces of fiction, or technical instructions. That's why our renditions always stand out as clear, accurate and highly readable.

the Greek letter homefront

We may join the translation when a video game is in its alpha version stage


Homefront: The Revolution

Release date: 2015; Number of characters: 160,000 (208 A4-sized pages)

We translated the in-game story dialogues which helped Russian-speaking players better comprehend the tasks, sense the characters' moods and emotions and engross themselves in the the game's ambience. The work was fraught with a number of challenges; for one, the voice acting of each cue was time-limited. We managed to meet the required number of characters so that the voice actor had time to enunciate each line in Russian, while conveying its emotional tinge. We also suggested our own versions of cues and agreed upon them with the customer. Since that's the game's second part (a sequel to the original Homefront), we had to delve deeply into the plot and study reference materials in order to translate the character, location and weapon names from the first part accordingly. We localized the game at the alpha testing stage, guided only by glossaries, fan-made resources based on the Wikia service, and the original text. We dug into the gameplay, gaming jargon, tested our rendition and fixed the bugs.

Letter of recommendation from Buka thumbnail
A letter of recommendation from Buka

We'll manage the intricate and convoluted dialogues

Wasteland 2

Wasteland 2

Release date: 2014; Number of characters: 1,500,000 (833 A4-sized pages))

We have completed the translation of quests, dialogues, item and skill descriptions. Due to the plentiful slang and gaming dialects (the speech of mutants and robots), some challenges presented. To interpret the dialogues consistently, we studied the locations, character biographies, and storylines and compiled a glossary. Owing to our efforts, Russophone players got the opportunity to enjoy Wasteland 2, share the emotions of its characters and immerse themselves in the gaming process. The publishers achieved strong sales: for the CIS residents, having the Russian language version plays a decisive role in purchasing a title.

Letter of recommendation from Buka thumbnail
A letter of recommendation from Buka
Dragon's Prophet

Dragon's Prophet

Release date: 2013 (regular updates); number of characters: 2,000,000 (1111 A4-sized pages)

We completed the translation of in-game dialogues so that Russian-speaking players better comprehend the quests and the structure of the game locale. We translated GDDs that contained detailed descriptions of the game client updates and changes in the game mechanics, including new capabilities introduced by developers, so that localizers could update the game client and figure out what updates the patch contained. Due to the MMORPG's grand scale (comprising thousands of quests and character dialogues), we had to dive deep into the gaming mechanics and the fictional world's background. The localization efforts made it possible to launch the game in Russia and expand the gaming audience.

Letter of recommendation from Innova thumbnail
A Letter of recommendation from Innova

We're able to join the translation at any stage of the development process

Dragon's Prophet

Risen 3: Titan Lords

Release date: 2014; Number of characters: 40,000 (22 A4-sized pages)

As we joined the localization task at the final stage, we interpreted combat dialogues only. Swearing and slang expressions used in the text, along with the customer requirements, made us eschew word-for-word translation and search for a replacement for the obscene language so that the title wouldn't get Mature rating. We're happy to offer our help even if the localization process is at the final stage and you need to translate a piece of the original text only.

Letter of recommendation from Buka thumbnail
A letter of recommendation from Buka

We will adapt profanities and slang terms and convey human emotions

At the customer's request, we will find appropriate ways to interpret cursing, four-letter words and slang terms, so long as the translation ought to convey the character's emotions and match the original piece. If profanity is inappropriate, we'll temper the obscenities so that the video game or movie suits its age rating. An accurate rendering of profanities is desired when translating black comedy for adult audiences.

      Avengers Alliance for Android

Avengers Alliance for Android

      Royal Trouble: Honeymoon Havoc for iOS

Royal Trouble: Honeymoon Havoc for iOS

      Myths of Orion for iOS

Myths of Orion for iOS

Testing localizations for Android and iOS

We inspect and analyze game localizations for smartphones and PC to assess the language comprehensibility, detect translation errors and missing parts. Once the inspection is over, the customer can rest assured that the application is ready for release and fully operational, while its localization is accurate and meets the requirements. We are savvy about the nitty-gritty details of video game testing: if need be, we employ emulators or run projects using Redmine. We help publishers produce intelligible and riveting games.

The agency employs alumni of Moscow State University, Moscow State Linguistic University, Moscow State University of Foreign Affairs, each having lived and worked abroad from 1 to 3 years or more. Also, we collaborate with native speakers on demanding projects

Translating documents, paperwork, correspondence

We preserve the original text layout and formatting

We retain the original text formatting and layout that include such elements as paragraphs, lists, tables, font styles and sizes, arrangement of items on the page. If the layout and text formatting change when translating, then the document may become less readable and look worse from an aesthetic viewpoint. In case your document features complex formatting, we employ a designer to transform the translation into exact replica of your original copy.

Artistic rendition of the translation process for the SU-35 jet fighter manual

The SU-35 manual translated from Russian into Chinese

In 2016, we completed the translation of the operator's manuals and handbooks for the Su-35 fighter jet from Russian into Chinese. The manuals' objective was to instruct Chinese pilots on how to fly the aircraft. We had commenced the translation project in April, and as soon as June the Chinese started using the materials. Owing to our efforts, Chinese pilots promptly acquired the technical expertise required to fly the fighter jet.

Screenshot of an article about precious metals

Translating articles about the precious metals market. For KDG, from Russian to English.
What is the market value of gold
Talk on gold over a cup of coffee
Gresham's law

Screenshot of an article about a school for stylists

RC School for make-up artists. Translated from Russian into English

Screenshot of an article about biographies of artists

Artist biographies for Art Icon.
Translation from Russian into English

Developing localization for websites, promo pages and e-commerce outlets

We will make your website perfectly understandable for foreign visitors, translate product descriptions at your online store, online manuals, frequently asked questions and answers, articles and media releases, pages about your company, services provided, careers and contact info, landing pages for your products or services. We are capable of translating your website without losing a single bit of its content or communication value along the way.

Feel free to invite us to carry out the translation of your website right at the stage of its development. Once we get its content from the developers, we translate it while keeping you in the loop. We will also take care that all the meta tags, titles and keywords are translated properly so that your website is displayed correctly in Google results. We will make your web resource easily readable by users and indexing bots alike.

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We enjoy and expertly deal with rare and exotic languages

We are perfectly fit to take on grand scale projects

We are willing to undertake translation projects that have more than one million characters. Nonetheless, we carefully consider every proposal. We are the right choice for translating exotic African and South Asian languages. If your project requires profound knowledge of slang terms and obscene foreign vocabulary, we can handle it.

Our forte is aeronautical and medical documentation and user manuals for consumer electronics, software and video games. We enjoy translation tasks involving specific, professional terminology that you need to a deep understanding of. We care to comply with the requirements for the translation and proofreading accuracy. We help our customers bring their thoughts to the target audience in an exact, fascinating and unaltered fashion.

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